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Let’s go to die for this pure love


Maeno: I really like winter, how i can tell this…  instead of tightening the air is as if the feelings clench… well… KENN certainly likes to summer right? 

KENN: What are you talking about? i like autumn.

Maeno: Was that it? KENN really liked the autumn?

KENN: that is so, furthermore I not only like the autumn (aki) Fall in autumn
Tomoaki Maeno*

Maeno: Idiot What are you saying? Eh… indeed! then i’m like too the season… eh…. K,  E,  N,  ,N     KENN!!


Maeno: by the way, it is almost Christmas, everywhere the city you can see trees.

KENN: It’s true

Maeno: Hey, in high school did not teach you about the three major states of mind (Ki)?  

KENN: They taught me, taught me.

Maeno:  what were they? if I’m not mistaken were

Courage… (yuuki)

Patience… (konki) 
Healthy… (genki)

I think

KENN: Eh? They are a little different of my three major states of mind(ki),  mine are

Courage (Yuuki)

Patience… (konki)

and the third is…

Maeno: Wait a second! The third will be definitely Maeno Tomoaki right? i already know how you think, Right KENNU?

KENN: Buu~~ Buu~ Sorry to tell you that you’re wrong, that you think that my third major state of mind (ki) is your name, Are you not being very self-conscious? 

Maeno: cannot be, i’m ashamed

KENN: The truth is that Maenu is a cocky

Maeno: Really i’m ashamed, then what is your third major state of mind? (Ki)

KENN: My firts state of mind (ki) is Courage (Yuuki)

My second  state  of mind (ki) is  Patience (Konki)

and my third state of mind (ki) is… I love you Maeno (Maeno wa suki)

 Maeno: Ke… Kennu

KENN: Stop it! stop it! you’re being shy right?

Maeno: Dont’ get shy KENNU~

KENN: What are you saying? Maenu

Maeno: KENNU~


I saw this post and I just

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Mom’s look of disapproval

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夢は無限大 // MS
夢は無限大 // MS

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  Dorky Kuroko for my Baby  

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The most contagious laugh I’ve heard all year

Not only do you imagine Takao, but this cutie as well


thanks a lot tatsun for putting me in stitches because of you

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Artist: Kensho Ono
Album: Kuroko no Basket2 ED2

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